~ Music ~

We are extremely blessed to have Lamar Puckett in our church family.  He serves as Organist, Music Leader, and performs most of our specials on his own during Sunday morning worship services.  Here are his latest Special Music performances: 


“My Tribute” November 13, 2022 Lamar Puckett

“The Holy City” November 6, 2022 Lamar Puckett


“He Who Began a Good Work in You” October 30, 2022 Lamar Puckett


“Go Ye Into All the World” (Acapella) October 23, 2022 Pastor Tim Schwartz


“Ancient Words” October 16, 2022 Lamar Puckett


“There’s A Quiet Understanding” September 25, 2022 Lamar Puckett


“We Shall Behold Him” September 11, 2022 Lamar Puckett


“The Longer I Serve Him” August 28, 2022 Lamar Puckett

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